Find Us At Mosswood This March

After ALOT of rain this winter, we were able to hang a new show at Mosswood Market in downtown Boonville. Mosswood is a favorite of ours, and of many people. Great coffee to get you going anytime o…

Source: Find Us At Mosswood This March


Find Us At Mosswood This March


After ALOT of rain this winter, we were able to hang a new show at Mosswood Market in downtown Boonville. Mosswood is a favorite of ours, and of many people. Great coffee to get you going anytime of the day, yummy pastries, and nice lunches, perfect for locals and visitors alike. Their staff is warm and welcoming, just the right touch for this cheery, cozy, café. I, personally, love the Mediterranean panini for lunch, happily carrying my ‘doggie bag’ home for an extra treat the next day…

The show features several new assemblage pieces from both  Michael and I, and some new works on paper more in the mixed media realm. The piece above the red bench is one of my favorite pieces of Michael’s; done in oil with collage worked in, it reminds us of Dorothy’s tornado trip to Oz, and aptly titled ‘Click Your Heals.’

We invite you to stop by Mosswood and take a peek at the new works, and treat yourself to  a cup of coffee and a pastry, supporting a great little local business that has been so supportive to Michael and I and the other artists they so graciously offer wall space to!




Art and The Power of Healing


Michael and I were cleaning up photo files on our devises today, (thank you Leslie Saeta’s blog at ) Amazing how good it feels to purge hundreds of redundant photos and free up space on the computers, not to mention pare it all down so we can actually find photos we want without wasting time searching and searching for them.

Anyway, I ran across a photo of a work I did last year when I had the flu.

I rarely get sick, but guess I was due. After a couple of days of misery, boredom set in and I crawled up to the studio, and became immersed in this piece. It wasn’t a particularly serious work, but it was great fun to work on. Just right for a recovery process.

I don’t remember feeling sick during the time I was working on it. I do remember having fun arranging the corny Buck Rogers-like images and the imagined sounds of the ray guns going off. I also remember being amazed how long I was concentrated on it (days) when I couldn’t keep my attention on TV or a movie.

I think this all speaks to the healing power of art. That meditative state we reach as artists where time stands still. I believe it was one of the reasons I got over that flu quickly when it seemed to hang on for weeks for others. Doing art is a healthy practice, I just wish our society could see that and encourage art for everyone along with physical activity. Body, Mind, and Spirit.

Happily, this piece found its way to a good friend’s house, he chose it from a wall full of pieces. I hope it brings health and happiness to their home.



Modern Runes by Susan


As a result of last year’s drawing group at our house and studios, Susan is enjoying working in mixed media on paper. Not only have these sessions opened doors to new art ideas, but the comradery between fellow artists is a major benefit.

Above, one of the new works, ‘Modern Runes’, is on display at Lauren’s in Boonville along with works by other members of the Anderson Valley Art Guild.

Modern Runes started with listening to Miles Davis playing jazz on the radio and exploring the play between abstract shapes and staccato images. The dreamy wanderings across the paper reminded me of ancient writings imagined against a midnight sky. It was finished quietly perched up in the studio where we can look out into the tops of the firs in the forest and meditate a little on our place in the universe.



New Exhibition of Assemblages

Michael and Susan are going to be exhibiting an extensive collection of their assemblages, both new and older works through the Grace Hudson Museum in Ukiah, California. Opening reception will be at the museum January 30th, 4:30-7:00pm. The show will run through April 17th. If in the neighborhood, and interested in checking out some intriguing works by several assemblage artists, do stop by! We will be announcing dates for our artist’s talks concerning our works, and historical interests of assemblage in general.