Find Us At Mosswood This March


After ALOT of rain this winter, we were able to hang a new show at Mosswood Market in downtown Boonville. Mosswood is a favorite of ours, and of many people. Great coffee to get you going anytime of the day, yummy pastries, and nice lunches, perfect for locals and visitors alike. Their staff is warm and welcoming, just the right touch for this cheery, cozy, café. I, personally, love the Mediterranean panini for lunch, happily carrying my ‘doggie bag’ home for an extra treat the next day…

The show features several new assemblage pieces from both  Michael and I, and some new works on paper more in the mixed media realm. The piece above the red bench is one of my favorite pieces of Michael’s; done in oil with collage worked in, it reminds us of Dorothy’s tornado trip to Oz, and aptly titled ‘Click Your Heals.’

We invite you to stop by Mosswood and take a peek at the new works, and treat yourself to  a cup of coffee and a pastry, supporting a great little local business that has been so supportive to Michael and I and the other artists they so graciously offer wall space to!



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