A Midweek Peek in Our Studios

“In order to be creative you have to prepare to be creative.”-Twyla Tharp

m's table

Michael’s Table Wednesday

The studios of assemblage artists are full of stuff we don’t need. Not at the moment, anyway. That’s the pitfall of this medium-before the end of a project we might need some more stuff. Stuff we didn’t plan on.

Assemblage artists create among clutter. Some of us clean up after a project, some require chaos. The clutter is inevitable-I don’t think any of us could create from our dining room tables. Around here, most work out of barns. Michael and I work in our upstairs studios. But it is never enough room!

s's table

Susan’s Table Wednesday

I will clean up my table tomorrow, Michael probably won’t clean his….

Came across this new book Michael got…I plan on taking it on my trip at the end of the month: ‘The Dream Colony-A Life in Art’ by Walter Hopps    The inside sleeve reads,” A panoramic look at American art in the second half of the twentieth century, through the eyes of the visionary curator who helped shape it.” Looks like a fun read.

3 thoughts on “A Midweek Peek in Our Studios

  1. Hi Susan! I loved discovering your work at the Mendocino Art Center recently.
    I’m an assemblage/collage artist too, and teach weekly collage in our Sonoma studio.
    I just finished reading an incredible book by Jerry Wennstrom, “The Inspired Heart”, that you might enjoy, as well as his video” In the Hands of Alchemy”. all best, Barbara

  2. No way to do that….but let’s stay in touch. LMK if you have any upcoming shows or classes, OK? I’m having a show at our local library in Oct., will try to remember to send you the info.
    Thanks, Barbara

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