Been a Long Year

Time to get back in the studio. Michael and I are busy putting photos and text together for an upcoming book of assemblage artists. In looking towards text for the book, I started writing about why I choose assemblage and collage for my art. I’ll run some of it by here:

I have always been interested in surrealism in art. I like the idea of pulling images from our subconscious or dream states. The images are invariably a little ‘off.’ And I think assemblage and collage are great vehicles for expressing this unreal landscape. And I think that’s why people like pondering works of assemblage and collage.

When I exhibit my work viewers want to speak with me not about their living room color schemes, but about their own memories or perceptions surrounding a piece. It’s like we are communicating on a more visceral level.

I’ve created pieces that look like the bottom of their junk drawers, and pieces that remind them of something that they imagined. Working with discarded pieces or images from the past seems to elicit a certain introspection from the viewer. These are the conversations I look forward to when we can safely start getting together again. – Susan

Signal Stop – Michael Wilson

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